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How Heavy A Rider Can A Horse Carry Weight

How Much Weight A Horse Can Carry

our rule of thumb consensus is that horses could carry 20% of their body weight without damaging themselves that means a 500 kilogram horse could carry 100 kilograms rider and tack combined but I found a lot of problems with this mainly that it appears sometimes he was taken to be a number set in stone and that couldn't be further from truth yes obviously it's true that horses are very strong but I don't think that we're conceptualizing the weight problem correctly first the weight of the rider is not distributed equally along the horses back secondly untrained on trained horses cannot easily adopt a posture that makes carrying a rider easier what I'm trying to say is that not all weight is equal studies that have been conducted to determine how much horse could carry focus mainly on the effective weight has during exercise or morning after at most but I am very concerned about long-term effects of the weight on the horses back if you have ever carried something moderately heavy let's say 15 percent of your body weight then you probably notice how after a while you have to start shifting it or maybe carrying it with different muscles or perhaps even adopt a different posture but you know we don't give the width we don't give our horses the benefit of shifting us around you know a horse that tries to put his rider in a more comfortable position probably would be blamed of bucking and be punished for it so you might say at the beginning yes no problem this is actually not that heavy I don't totally see myself carrying it you know across miles and for hours on end but let's see how I feel after half an hour some of you might think that the human horse analogy might be unfair there is sometimes they say we are going around that horses are made for riding but that is a teleological argument and one that rings false if you actually think about it actually I think that the horses back is not very well suited for carrying things I think the human back is actually better for you would say to a certain extent that breathing has made horses feeder for riding because obviously horses that have been useful for mankind have been selected and also horses have become larger through breeding programs but studies actually show that the ability to carry weight is not directly correlated with size so heavier horses and larger horses could actually carry a smaller percentage of their body weight which means that if you're on the chubby side of the equation as I myself am don't run out the door just yet by a Bertrand what I'm trying to say is that a figure of twenty percent of body weight doesn't really give us much information it just gets you in the ballpark and the reality is that we own the horses that we own and we are the people that we are so if we are just going to draw a line and say okay you can write you can write you can write but all of you guys you can't you're you're just way too heavy then we're Alan ating a lot of people and if these people already own horses then they're going to write it either way so so we are completely closing the possibility of the offered weight so what should we actually consider what should be the things that we that guide our decisions as to whether or not or for how long or in what conditions should rider ride horse younger horses should carry less weight than mature ones this is because obviously younger horses have received less training but also because they are less developed if a horse is being ridden for the first time it should not carry in my opinion more than 15 percent of its body weight as as I am doing right now but I think that figure could go as low as 10 or 12 percent if there is not an experienced rider with those characteristics then session should be kept incredibly short and also great pains should be taken to improve the horses back from the ground mature and trained horses I'm not saying that just because horse is mature he can carry loose weight okay mature horses probably could carry as much as thirty percent of their body weight I'm not saying they should I'm not saying that that that's what our rule should be but probably with proper training proper conditioning a horse could carry as much as thirty percent of its body weight and it would be okay probably not okay probably not a happy horse but you wouldn't cry you know like animal reviews just at first glance sometimes you hear the misconception that bareback riding is more natural [Music] more natural but it's more natural that it is more natural I I sincerely like that label you hear sometimes that bareback riding is more natural than riding with a saddle which is completely mistaken it is a complete misconception so if you can afford it have you scabby your savile professionally fitted and if you can't afford it then do whatever you can to improve your horse's back from the ground and you need to understand that if you are not willing to pay for some of it then you'll have to spend more time on the ground this may seem very obvious but there are some misconceptions yes obviously a horse that works at high intensities probably should carry less weight but the idea that light work is not taxing on horses back is completely mistaken yeah yeah you can spend 4 hours on the trails and you need to take no consideration for the for the well-being of your horses back is rather a mistake also some types of work that are considered light actually are quite heavy I think the best example is equine therapy those horses work really hard I would consider that actually heavy work perhaps not in the sense of energy expenditure but in the sense of how much how much the work has an impact on the back and the articulations of the horse it is huge how the rider moves and cooperates with the horses of huge consequence to how a horse perceives weight so a heavier rider that moves well and is it's very good and cooperates and is very supple then it's perceived as being less heavy than a lighter rider that is just a sack of potatoes and I hope I'm not offending any potatoes I feel you man but in this case your emotions are of little to no consequence we should all strive to become better riders and that can only happen if we accept our shortcomings so to finish the video there are some things that you can do to make it easier on your horses back first lose some weight and become more flexible unless you're already very skinny in which case I have advice that you gain some weight but also but also become more flexible make sure that your tack is in optimal condition and that you know how to adjust it that you understand how it works again I'll repeat myself if you can get your saddle professional filled make your sessions shorter work quality not quality I'm sure that if you analyze and you see critically your working session your routine session then you'll find that if you have a certain objective you could make your sessions more effective yet shorter you should work on your horse's endurance and back development from the ground it might seem that I'm trying to take the joy out of horsemanship but what I'm not I'm not saying stop riding your horse I'm just saying maybe it's time to release your ground work these days I don't really ride anymore and most of what I do is from the ground and I have I have to tell you I have found that the most rewarding the most satisfactory thing I have ever done with arses if you can work on the horse and neurons from the ground you can work on your own abilities as a rider from the ground it's a very good idea that you learn how to test your horses back for pain if your horse is refusing obstacles maybe it's not because he's stubborn or you need to whip you need to whip the horse and then here comes the jump no maybe it's just a sign of back pain so we can become more sensitive become more conscious about it give yourself and your horse time to grow this is my final advice and may help you knee and in my opinion it is the most important do not rush things because honestly no one has become a master in a year and if you want to be as good then it's probably going to take you a lifetime or in my case a couple of them so that's all for my part I hope you found this article useful if you did and you want contribute to the discussion then the comment section is wide open I'll see you next time thanks for reading .

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