Story - Equine Therapy Helped Me Through Depression

Horse therapy

my family like that became was quite a shock life didn't really sing with living we were very close we did everything together we had a good life in the retired as a registered nurse when I was sixty and really a part of my problem was feeling that I should have done more and being able to do more life lost all its appeal I didn't want to live anymore I got involved in echoing therapy when it was suggested to me that it may help me through the depression and also to maybe help me with the overcoming of the sudden death of my wife equine therapy was penalty in two ways really one was to fulfill a boyhood dream but I never thought that I'd be able to be round horses and indeed to ride horses and now I do right and I do ride each week and that enabled me to given unconditional love to something and to receive that unconditional look back it enabled me to have physical contact with something because I thought the old physical contact could pass me by when the Ocwen throw processions make me feel a free of my everyday worries be to be able to interact with an animal you know for me to respond to with and it respond to me in a positive way it's something I look forward to doing it fills a big hole in my life well my life is improved because by going to wreck my therapy and interacting with the horses it helped me to interact with people so now I've got a lot of my competence back it's given me something to live for.

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