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Most Thing To know about Riding Is Cruel And Not Vegan ?


Part 1

hi guys today I am going to be making a article on can equestrian be vegans let's go ahead and get into this because I know it's a little confusing to a lot of people so first things first there is a article that I found on why horseback riders cannot be vegan I'm going to react to it and I'm going to talk about it and talk about both sides as you guys know I am vegan I need to be in diet I am a hundred percent vegan in my life with the exception of things that I bought before I was vegan a lot of vegans argue the point that they don't think horses should be ridden they don't agree with the exploitation of animals they don't agree with riding horses they think it's bad for their back etc etc etc so I'm going to argue both sides for you guys tell you guys my opinion and then at the end of this article we're going to talk about can equestrians actually be vegan so let's go ahead and get started and let's react to this article what is the vegan stance on horseback riding is riding horses cruel well get ready to get controversial I'm first going to address the question of whether or not riding horses is vegan and then I'll move on to whether or not it's cruel as I said in my article about wolves veganism in general is about opposing the use of animals for our own personal gains in any form whatsoever if we look at horseback riding it's evidence that horses do not need to be written horseback riding solely benefits the writer and so it is a form of using animals for our entertainment which is explicitly not vegan sorry about that horseback riding is solely benefits the rider a lot of riders ride horses for their own benefit so for that I do agree with I do think that probably 90% of riders out there ride forces specifically for their own benefit they know that the horse actually doesn't want to be ridden they know that the horse doesn't want a dead cow strapped to their back and some 180 pound person to jump on them and tell them which way to go and what to do they know that and one thing I want to say is that I always tell people it's bad to ride your horse every single day it's actually really detrimental to their skeletal system which we'll get into later in this article but what I say is I most at most ride my horse twice a week it's that I mean most the time I try to stick to riding in once a week just to keep up with this training and everything like that but I don't ride my horse for my own personal gain or benefit my horse does not like showjumping so guess what I don't show jumpin my horse did not liked Asajj so guess what I don't do dressage with him my force loves cross-country jumping I swear to God you could take my horse out take a halter off and this horse would literally run the whole course including the jump I mean seriously my horse loves it that much now does that mean that he necessarily likes me riding him over the jump probably not necessarily because I'm the one who's kind of sitting up in control Ian so I understand outside the argument I understand that you don't have to ride horses nor should you in reality but one thing I want to say is that domesticated horses have been evolved to be able to be ridden and I know that that sounds really silly and really stupid but it's not detrimental to ride a horse if you're not doing it constantly and I do think that there's a really good amount of people out there in the equine world now that have started realizing that you shouldn't own a horse just to ride it I've posted several articles of me with my horse not even riding him and just having a good time on the ground just showing our bond and showing you know the things that I do with him like I do tricks with him and all that type of stuff and all of that is totally fine you can be an equestrian and not ride a horse that is totally normal and I always tell people that being an equestrian is not about writing it's about having a bond in a connection to horse so in my opinion I do have to personally agree with her in the sense that I don't think that horses need to be written I don't think that a lot of people should ride horses because a lot of people do it for their own benefit and for their own good but I'm not going to sit here and say that you should never ride a horse and that riding a horse in general is that I do think that the exploitation of a horse in the sense that you're going to just ride them when you want to train them to go over jumps and then take them to shows and you never do anything else with them I do think that's exploiting your animal but I do also think that if you just want to ride your horse for fun and have a good time with them and maybe take your horse out on a relaxing trail ride together and just really connect I think that that's totally different and there are several arguments as to how writing benefits support one of these is that domesticated horses need exercise the most simple response to this is that domesticated dogs also need exercise yet owners are able to provide this without having to mount them I think that that point is really kind of stupid now I do agree that you can exercise your work without being on them but I think that comparing a dog to a horse is really really dumb dogs are like maybe a hundred pounds max for the normal household dog first a horse which is like 800 to 1,200 pounds apiece probably even more sometimes a second argument is that writing provides a horse with an enriched environment again this can be as easily achieved without someone atop them by walking the horse from the ground okay one thing I would say that writing actually does not provide a horse with an enriched environment I think that that argument is bullshit and I think that everyone in the equine world knows that's bullshit you can't ride a horse and give your horse and enriching and fulfilling life that's not possible because horses in general probably don't want to be ridden if they could actually talk the way you provide your work with enrichment is by bonding with them and spending quality time with them on the ground which is what I tell people time and time and time again on this channel is that being an equestrian is not just about riding a horse in fact riding a horse is a really small percentage of being an equestrian and people just fail to see that time and time again third argument is one that comes in many forms but always starts with but my horse loves and ends with being ridden going to show wearing a bridle having a bit running the barrels or what have you I think that's really true a lot of equestrian their only defense is well my horse loved it I mean what I want to say is that you can genuinely tell if you actually have a connection with your work if your horse really likes something and if they really don't like something you can genuinely tell and most people can tell just by reading body language I mean people aren't stupid although people in the Western world pretend to be stupid by saying oh he likes it like come on are we past by now but let's take a look at what writing does to a horse's body physically let's start with skeletal structure there's a saying that a horse is ready to be ridden when their knees closed this refers to waiting until the growth plates just above their knees convert some cartilage to bone dr. Deb Bennett in her article I'm and rate of skeletal maturation in horses States back what people often don't realize is that there is a growth plate on either end of every bone behind the skull in the case of some bones like the pelvis or vertebrae which have many corners there are multiple growth plates she goes on to detail the exact schedule of growth plate conversion to bone in horseman while many people start riding their horses around the age of two dr. Bennett's schedule shows that the last plates to fuse are in the vertebral column and this does not occur into the horses at least five and a half years old as taller horses and males taking even longer according to the text practical Anatomy and propagated of the horse the length of time for complete growth of the epiphyseal plates or cartilage is not until they are on average between six and nine years old the basic takeaway of all of that is that it's incredibly easy to damage a horse's back and displace his or her vertebral growth plates causing pain and lasting injury aside from the issue of growth plate fusion riding a horse at any age causes skeletal damage as well as muscle and tissue expert horseman alexander nevzorov states a horse's back is not a seat not a place for a human but not a piece of meat not some kind of land it's a really complex and tender structure with extraordinary functions besides the apparent biomechanical function within the back has another very important function the spinal cords work is to guarantee that the responses from the entire nervous system can communicate the sense of taste smells vision hearing and vestibular function to the brain not to get lost in too much detail on this especially vulnerable sensitive organ onto the medulla spinalis the brain of the back that's a writer I agree that actually I love Alexander I have followed his work for a really long time and I think that the guy actually really does know what he's talking about I'm going to put a link down below for a documentary that I really do think everyone should watch it's really amazing it's one of my favorite documentaries out one thing I want to say to the to the knees views topic I haven't heard a lot of people say don't ride a horse until their knees views I always hear people say don't ride a horse until their joints fuse meaning not just their knees but other joints in the body as well every time I discussed starting a horse the first thing I say to people is that you need to get your vest permission and approval before putting us at WonderWorks before starting a horse of any age you should have a veterinarian come out and have them double-check the horse make sure that the horse is okay to be ridden and people who don't do this or idiot because they don't know you can't look at a horse and tell that that horse is ready to be ridden you can't do that so if you do not have your veterinarian come out to make sure that that force is a-okay to be started then I think you're personally an idiot now as for racing pretty much no one in the equine world likes the racing industry point-blank period okay because the racing industry they're pretty much the only people that start horses when they're two years old okay the rest of us are not idiots we know that you shouldn't do that and that's why the racing industry has the highest number of deaths in the equine world every single year I mean it's catastrophic almost as for the rest and stuff at the back I'm honestly inclined to agree but I'm not going to figure to say that a horse should never be ridden personally I think that if you are riding your horse bitless like a lot of people do now because I personally think that this are two straight-up pure abuse and I want to talk about that in just a second but if you're riding your horse is out of it and without all of the idiot things that you can put on your horse nowadays like Spurs I personally think that you can easily have a great relationship .

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