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How Much Does Owning A Horse Cost?

What To Look For When Buying A Horse '

today I'm going to give you guys um some basic knowledge on how much it costs to afford a horse so for those of you looking to buy a horse err just cure it out of curiosity wanting to know I'll tell you guys kind of just a base cost of how much it cost on a horse and everything that goes into owning a horse money-wise and all of that stuff so if you're interested in learning about that then keep watching so one thing that I say all the time is the initial price of buying the wort is going to be the cheapest part of your whole horse ownership experience I mean obviously not if you buy like a million dollar horse or something crazy like that but you guys kind of get what I mean if you buy a $500 off the track thoroughbred because you have $500 that doesn't mean you can afford a horse there's so much money monthly and yearly that goes into owning a horse that usually end up being more in the end then you actually paid for the horse so the first main price of owning a horse is paying for board so board if you don't know what that is it's basically a price you pay to a barn a month to basically house and feed and care for your horse now there's a ton of different factors that go into how much your board is actually going to cost per month and it is a monthly cost that you pay typically barns have you pay on the first of every month and but it's more expensive if you put your horse in a stall and have a full care stall or you could do a partial care stall or a pasture board or dry lap board is even cheaper the prices can range anywhere from like 150 dollars to like 600 dollars is just a main price range it really depends on you know if you have a super super fancy barn it's gonna be more expensive if your barn is a little bit more normal it's gonna be cheaper and you know it also depends on if you put your horse and install our pasture my board for my horse is currently $400 prices can fluctuate with you know hay prices going up and grain prices and all that stuff but that's a monthly fee that's always gonna be there and is a necessity you're always gonna have that board unless you own your own property then you'll have to pay for your horses hay food bedding um and you know you'll have to pay for the property but so that the first thing the second big cost is Ferrier costs so getting a horse's hoofs trimmed or their shoes reset so that's a cost that typically comes around every 6 to 8 weeks and it can depend on the horse River needs to get his feet down about every six weeks six seven weeks it can honestly depend on the horse and how fast their hooves grow and how nice their hubs are but so that's kind of up to you and your farrier but every six to eight weeks you'll have that cost and if you're it can vary on if your horse has all four shoes if they have two front shoes or if they are barefoot it just depends typically you know every farrier can charge differently but typically just a trim is about thirty forty dollars a full set of shoes is about a hundred and a hundred and fifteen dollars depending and then you know two shoes just half of that so and it really just depends on your fare and what they charge another factor going into your cost of farrier is if your farrier charges a catch fee so like if your horse is in a pasture and your fare has to go catch it usually they'll charge you like fifteen dollars ten dollars for that something like that so to keep prices low on that be there when the farrier is there to bring your horse to them and then another thing is a trip fee so typically well lots of barns have one or two set fairs that come out at set times to do all the horses there and then there's no trip fee if the farrier is gonna do a lot of horses but if you just have a specific fare one farrier that you like that nobody else at that barn uses then you're just gonna have to pay an extra fee for there them to drive to just do one horse so that is another cost the next cost our vet costs so typically you get your horse by annually shots so every spring and every fall your horse will get a new round of shots and your vet will know what shots to give your horse as well as your horse needs their Coggins drawn once a year so a Coggins is a test for equine infectious anemia that is a very bad disease and you literally can't take your horse anywhere without a car up- Coggins test and then also they'll get their teeth floated about once a year so horses when they chew they wear down their teeth and get like sharp points and so they need to get those rest off every once in a while some horses don't need it once a year I know some of my horses I've had in the past needed at once every two years it just depends on the horse but typically just four shots that could be like a hundred to two hundred dollars twice a year with the shots and teeth floating and Coggins also if you have a gelding they'll need their sheath cleaned if you don't know what a sheath is then you should probably google it because it's probably not my place to tell you what a sheath is and if you don't know what this I just I just I don't think that would be a very fun to explain and the next cost would be lessons so I recommend highly unless you're just you know you already know how to ride in your just pleasure riding and trail riding that you take lessons I take like two lessons a week it can change but it depends on your instructor on how much lessons cost but it's cheaper if you're using your own horse rather than one of your trainers lesson horses but the prices can range it's also cheaper if you do a group lesson rather than a private lesson so you know get together some of your friends and try to do a group lesson would be a lot cheaper for me I think like my lessons are a total of like two hundred dollars a month or something like that I'm not totally sure it really just depends on your trainer if you're training with a professional they're gonna have a lot more expensive lessons and just stuff like that so I really highly recommend that if you own a horse you take lessons but it's not a necessity next is insurance now this isn't necessity and a lot of people don't insure their horses but if you're gonna own one horse and you're gonna compete on it and it's gonna be worth a little bit of money then I would go ahead and insure your horse at least just for a little bit and this is a cost that you know again differs with the type of insurance you do if you do all recs mortality or specified peril you know it just depends how you pay more if you want more protection so you know though you'll get money for horse dies or you'll get money if your horse needs a super expensive colic surgery or you know it's it's really helpful in it's it's good to be there and have that as like a safety net the next cost is a really cheap cost thankfully most of the time is deworming so typically I do wear my horse every other month um and I switch what do you warmers I used I'll go from you know PI rental to ivermectin you know and just switch all that around because if you just keep using the same chemicals again your horses parasites are just gonna build up an immunity to the deworming or giving them and that's just gonna be useless but typically if you warmer can go from like five to fifty dollars you know depending if you get a power pack now if your horse is diagnosed by a vet to have bad worms they'll probably diagnose a power pack which is going to be really really expensive dewormer but typically just maintenance dewormer it'll be like five ten dollars every other month so that's really really cheap now lots of people like to do fecal tests they'll you know scoop up a little turd and send it off to the vet so the vet can look at it under a microscope and see exactly which do you warmers you should use and if you even need to be using new armor and all that stuff so if you want to get technical with that you can I typically don't I've I do a few go tests every once in a while but I never my horse has never had worms to where it's so bad that I need to switch from what I'm doing so there's that cost another cost is takin's now I just did a on this on first horse necessities or you know all the things you need for a horse so I will link that up above and you guys can go watch that if you want to know all of the things that I think you need for a horse like saddles bridles fly sprays grooming stuff all of that I listed all in that so go check that out if you want to know what supplies you'll need but these this is typically just like a one-time cost things like chemicals like fly sprays and stuff like that and stuff for like your horses first aid kit those are things that are gonna you're gonna need to replace them as they empty but this is typically a one-time cost and it's not going to be up like a monthly thing and in this next I'm going to link up above this talks about how to afford a horse so like money saving hacks and you know how I'm able to afford a horse and just tips and tricks on easier ways to spend less money so go check that out if you want to know about that as well another cost would be shows I know a lot of people don't show their horses but shows are pretty big expense depending on what you're showing in and how many classes you do I avenged her a couple hundred dollars is just a one-time fee and then you know if you're doing hunters or jumpers whether it's a rated or non rated typically it's a specific cost per class so like twenty five thirty dollars per class and then also like an office fee and astolfi and all that stuff so if you want to know about how much horse shows would cost for the discipline that you do ask your trainer or ask somebody else you know that does what you do and I'm sure they'd be willing to help but shows are typically a weekend thing most of the time and you can you know enter them whenever you like to if you don't have enough money you don't have to enter the show and this isn't a cost that you have to have to own a horse you know you don't have to show but if you are buying a competition horse and you plan on competing you need to put this into your thought process of much it's going to cost me because shows are a big expense and you need to not forget that next is supplements now some horses don't need supplements at all and if you don't know what a horse supplement is it's basically something you add to your horses feed to help them like there's weight gain supplements there's joint supplements all types of different supplements anything you could think of there's a supplement for that like a ulcer supplement there's a million-in-one different kinds of supplements so your horse might need a supplement so if your horse is going to need a supplement you need to factor that in and if you don't know what horse you're getting yet you just need to kind of think hey my horse might need a supplement it might cost me you know thirty to a hundred dollars a month depending on how many supplements and what kind of supplements you need if you guys have been watching my channel you know what supplement I use you gotta make complete it's an amazing supplement and it's basically a supplement that supplements everything from joint bone density to muscle and to weight gain - literally everything it's an amazing supplement and I will link that in the description and also if you use the code Claire you'll get $20 off when you buy two more gallons so hashtag sponsored and next is a horse trailer I highly recommend if you own a horse that you own a horse trailer if yours breaks its leg it needs to be hauled out to the vet immediately or it's caulking or something and you can't get a vet out to you you have to have a horse trailer to take your horse to the vet you know I mean if you buy a horse you can borrow somebody's trailer to go pick it up but I think it's a really good idea to own a horse trailer if you own a horse now horse trailers can range in price on how old it is the condition if it's a two horse 3 horse 4 horse if it has living quarters if it's a gooseneck or a bumper Pole the possibilities are endless you could get anything from a thousand dollar horse trailer to like a $80,000 horse trailer I'm sure they go up even higher but it really depends depends on how many horses you need to haul and how nice the trailer you want so and that's just a one-time cost of course you know trailer insurance you're gonna have to pay that monthly and you know upkeep and maintenance everyone so al if you need new tires or something like that so that's another cost that you're going to have if you own a horse and I highly highly recommend if you own a horse that you own a horse trailer then the last cost is like emergency vet costs I think you should always have some money set aside for an emergency like if your horse is colicky really badly and needs a surgery or they break a leg or you know the possibilities of are endless of how your horse can destroy themselves so and it definitely helps if you insure your horse cuz you know your insurance company will give you money to help with major surgeries or stuff like that or if your horse sadly passes away you know they'll pay you however much your horse was worth and however much you insure your horse for so I think that insuring the horse is really good for this emergency aspect but it's a really good idea to have that money set aside you know you don't want your horse to be talking really badly and there be a couple thousand dollar surgery and you you just have to put your horse down because you can't afford it I think that's a horrible position to be in and you know that's not fair to your horse so if you're going to buy a horse have some money set aside please please please it's just in case of emergencies because they happen I I swear to you they happen so please be smart and if you're gonna buy a horse put this into consideration vet bills can range from hundreds of dollars to thousands of thousands of dollars it's ridiculous how expensive horse surgeries and stuff can be so please please please please think about it also I would like to point out I'm wearing my new Aztec diamond equestrian base layer it is freaking amazing and so flattering and so comfy and I just love it with all my heart so check them out I will link them in my description they also have leggings and tights and a ton of cool clothing so that was all that I have for you guys today there's you know some other cost that some people let's put on their horses but these are just kind of the main ones and the main ones that are mostly necessary and I know owning a horse is so so so expensive so leasing a horse is a really good alternative to where you just kind of pay a monthly fee to like half on the horse it's a really good alternative and I've leased horses for forever and it's it's an amazing experience and especially a good learning you know stepping-stone before you buy a horse to do that and especially if you're you know financially challenged you can still have the feeling of owning a horse without actually owning the horse so think about leasing if you can't afford to buy a horse that's an option there's always some way that you can get the experience of having a horse to yourself now own a horse is expensive expensive expensive expensive expensive but I swear to you all it is worth every penny in so so so many ways so if you really are taking lessons and you decide you want to take the next step talk to your parents talk to your trainer do the research and I promise it'll anything can happen so I love you all so much thank you all for watching I hope you guys enjoyed it and I hope this was helpful you guys thanks

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