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Most Thing To know about Riding Is Cruel And Not Vegan ? part 2

Most Thing To know about Riding Is Cruel And Not Vegan

Part 2

with your horse on their back now this is not to say that you should be riding your horse every day or eat anywhere close to that amount like I said I don't think that it's bad to write your words but I don't think it's good to ride your horse any more than maybe two times a week I think what's beneficial and what's good for your horse mentally and physically is to spend actual quality time with them which that does not include being in the saddle and riding your horse and I said that time and time again in so many articles pretty much every day when I go out to see them I spend time brushing in and spend time on the ground with him and just having fun involving with them so for that I do have to agree I have to say that I think if you're the type of a question the only cares about writing report and you think that that's the only thing that comes with being an equestrian that I do have to agree that I think that's absolutely wrong in a 2007 study out of the 295 horses who were considered physically found upon initial examination 91.5% were diagnosed with some kind of alteration on the spinal process after x-ray almost always the spinal processes of the caudal saddle position were affected in horseback riding the final damage caused by weight alone is compounded by the use of saddles harnesses bits and whip saddles restrict blood flow to the arterial capillary bed causing tissue damage as well as general wear and chafing you're too much of an idiot to tighten your girth that much to where it actually cuts off their circulation then you should be around horses anyway I'm going to put a link down below to total saddle fit their stuff is incredible I made a article about it before I absolutely loved their products and their hearts helped out a lot with this and they prevent the cutting off of circulation they allow your horse to have shoulder relief and everything like that with these products but nothing is quite as cruel as the use of bits and whips which I'm only going to give a cursory not to in this article it's cause pain and damage to a horse's complex cranial nerves as well as their teeth tongue and palate facial nerves are extremely close to the skin and thus extremely sensitive it is essential to understand that there is absolutely no way to use a bit without a horse feeling pain that's absolutely true I mean you guys know that I don't ride in this I hate this I think they're the worst things ever actors don't even own this anymore I don't even own whips anymore either I think that with Pittsburgh all that kind of shit that's abuse that's just pure of you if you guys know that I've made several articles about it that's my stance on that I don't care if you're a soft hand I don't care if you tap you're more slightly I don't care I do think it's abuse that's just point blank period I think that putting a piece of metal in your mouth and hitting them with a whip and sticking a giant metal thing and jamming it into their ribcage I think that that's absolutely abuse I don't care if you've soft hands would you want someone to put a piece of metal in your mouth just because they have soft hands and yank you around all day I don't think so and sometime running short on time here I'll just say this about using a whip it's a wisp now all of this is just barely scraping the surface of the horse issue I haven't even addressed the practice of breaking horses horse racing the rodeo and other topics okay one thing I want to say to that though is that nobody likes rodeo anymore I think the rodeo is pure abuse sorry for all you went and riders out there I like riding Western too but I have to agree that rodeo is peer-reviewed they've had several people come out admitting to using electric shockers to make horses buck and make Bulls buff just so many things a rodeo or abusive okay let's get out of the way second thing is that nobody likes the racing industry okay we already got that on the way to also nobody calls breaking horses breaking horses anymore everyone says starting horses why because there are more gentle and more pleasant ways to actually start over and get them ready to be ridden it's all about working with the horse and taking time with the horse it's not about pushing the horse or beating them anymore not like the old Western ways and I think that people need to realize that the equine world although slowly we are evolving and we are coming around and eventually not all of us will be abusive assholes okay I wanted to respond to a comment that I saw on her article which I am going to include in here and talk about because I think this is what most idiot equestrians are going to post on my article so before you post this just no girl I'm going to react to one of these okay so this one says look I don't think you did good research if any most of it seems like you just took advice from a person with a faint idea of horses actually know like these people are legit trainers that she included in the article and these are legit statistics and studies done by professionals so already you're off to a bad start girl so what's the first argument you suggested that we walk our horses horses need way more exercise than simply walking trying orch answering around without amounts that's actually not true studies have shown many studies have shown that you can exercise a horse just in a round pin alone I mean there's a lot of ways to exercise your horse on ground this is just an excuse to get on and ride and be your horse this is an extreme struggle actually it's not an extreme what you're talking about and humans simply don't have the stamina to keep up with AK answering horse to give it proper exercise so you're saying that you have to change your horse around around 10 to be able to lunge them I think that that's extremely ridiculous you should just be able to stand there and have your horse lunge the way you compared it to dogs is just stupid you can't compare an 85-pound house animal to a 1,000 pound mammal that could possibly kill you I freaking hate it when people say could possibly kill you the only time a horse could possibly kill you is when you're sitting on their back that's why people say horses could possibly kill you that's why people think horses are dangerous they wouldn't be so dangerous if you're not making their face around copy nuns buck kick rear fall around flip over on you they wouldn't be dangerous like that okay so stop saying that horses could possibly kill you next know that no one who started riding their horses at - I guess you'd say no that no one started riding or visit - that's not true the racing industry does it all the time get your facts right there's actually a guy that I know who's trying to start a cult in the baby Chester two years old so that's a disaster waiting to happen that's just false and abuse not false furthermore the injuries you've shown because of the saddle probably happened because an ill-fated saddle use of riding without a saddle pad not wearing a saddle in general that didn't even make sense I guess she's trying to say that the injuries were caused by an ill-fitting saddle which isn't true because there's so many studies that prove that even if you do have a fitting saddle it still does a lot of damage to your horses back that's just statistics okay you have to get really nice high quality saddle pads and girth to be able to ride a horse successfully without causing them pain but it'll still probably cause them a little bit of pain that's why I tell people don't ride your horse multiple times a week I don't get it because it is so much better to have a relationship and a bond with your horse rather than get on and be selfish and say well I was all over that jump like wouldn't you rather have a bond in a relationship with your animal then every horse we know today would have a spinal problem and unable to be ridden but guess what horses are still ridden yeah that doesn't mean they don't have a spinal problem what the fuck did you like you're going to fuck I have one more point and that it she has no points what is she talking about I have one more point and that is if you left the group and tack on 24/7 then yes there would be problems no there are studies that show that even riding your horse for more than 30 minutes at a time is detrimental to their health I mean there are literal studies that show that they show the damage that the weight on a bat can do for longer than 30 minute periods they even show that after about 15 minutes of riding horses start showing signs that they're actually uncomfortable like physically uncomfortable but for a one to two hour ride it shouldn't affect the horse at all it does oh my god idiot horseback riding is just too large you can't interview five people and pretend you know enough to classify riding as cruel or abuse yes you fucking can you can go to any boarding stable out there and you can see the abuse that goes on I mean literally the horse world is so fucking just oh my god like we are not evolving with the rest of world for some reason people still fucking think that it is 100 percent a ok to hit your horse to put a piece of metal in their mouth to jab your horse in the ribs with Spurs so fucking abuse this shit on your horse just in everyday writing and people still think that's ok why are we not evolving with the rest the world why is this shit still ok in this day and age I don't get it and I am an equestrian but that doesn't mean that you have to ride your horse every single goddamn day to be an equestrian how about you get your ass off and actually spend quality time with an animal that probably wants to spend quality time with you horseback riding has many disciplines some are more kinder than others Wow ok the schools already stupid it's more times 20 net out but to stop everything up obviously I know that people are going to be pissed off of this article that's fine whatever I mean it doesn't make me mad because this is my opinion and I personally believe everything that I've just said and I've said this multiple times in multiple articles and as you guys know I am coming out with a really really really high-quality vegan tack line but as I said even with the tack that I'm coming out with you still shouldn't ride your horse multiple times a week I think that it's more beneficial to spend quality time with your horse on the ground and actually enjoy being in your horse with them rather than yanking them around forcing them to do things that they don't want to do etc etc and one thing I want to say is I'm going to link that documentary down below it's amazing it's incredible I love it go watch it it's like an hour long it's amazing anyway love you guys so much but I'm going to be late for my massage so I have got to these unfortunately comment down below if you guys want me to make for tomorrow's

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