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How To Have a Fantastic Careers Equine Industry

Careers in the Equine Industry | Part One

this is a different discourse than what I've done before I actually reached out to a lot of people on my social media I'm super grateful to have all connections that I have and I was actually able to get some interviews from quite a few different areas of the horse world and equine jobs I have eight different equine professionals in this discourse and I'm going to do a series focusing on different careers in the equine industry if there are any specific jobs with horses that you want to learn them out comment them below and I will try to get in touch with someone in that career field I have a lot more interviews to go through so I will be making at least three parts to this if you'd like to know more about the interviews that you see now I only used part of their interviews I tried to take out some of the parts that I thought everyone would find most interesting but if you do want to learn more about someone specific in this discourse or their specific career in this discourse then comment that below and I might upload full interview discourses I was trying to figure out how I wanted to organize it as each person answering the question as I go along but I decided to keep each person as their own little segment and if you look in the description if anyone included links to their social media those will be in the description below this has eight different people from around the country all the way from like Washington to New Hampshire Pennsylvania everywhere these are a couple of the different categories that are discussed in this discourse lessons and boarding equine bodywork farriers photographers rooms and tech creators this will be a cool discourse especially for any young adults out there or kids that are interested in a job in the equine field it's kind of cool to see people who are already in that job and what they have to say about their experiences with that like can you have an equine job as your full-time job and be comfortable to live how do you get started and involved in it do you need to go to college for your equine job don't forget to subscribe to my blog for additional content and if you enjoy this discourse please give it a like 

my name is Aubrey Vander carpet I am a full-time equestrian photographer I'm based out of Green Bay Wisconsin but I travel throughout the United States my job as an equestrian photographer can mean so many different things to different photographers and different people but one of the main things that I strive to do is capture the wonderful bonds that horses and their riders have it's more than knowing the technical side of photography and yes that's very important but you also have to have an eye for horses what makes them look good what doesn't make them look good just as with humans horses also have angles and poses that are not as flattering and every horse is different so you have different breeds you have different standards so you really have to be knowledgeable about what the client wants who you're working with what the horses to make sure that you get the perfect photo yes this is my full-time job I have been a full-time equine photographer for over a year now prior to that I did my questioning photography part-time while I was a personal assistant did I go to college and was it for my equine job no I did not go to college I did take some photography classes as an elective in high school but it wasn't something that I pursued as further education what would I say is the best way to become an equine photographer practice if you have an interest in becoming an equestrian photographer take your camera out and really learn all about it learn how manual mode works learn how lighting works learn what your style is but do this while practicing I can't stress that enough that when you start out there's going to be so many curveballs thrown at you that you're gonna have to try to learn different business practices different styles what you like what you don't like so try to practice as much as possible even if it's not on horses just take your camera out and take pictures start editing start learning what your likes and dislikes are annual incomes as an equestrian photographer vary greatly a last thing to depend on the area that you're living cost of living and of course the income that you personally want to make and I financially comfortable with my job yes I am I spent a lot of time going over my cost of doing business to make sure that I was covering all of my needs and I review those numbers often to make sure that I'm still on par with wearing me to be how do I get clients the majority of my clients come from word-of-mouth they come from referrals from past clients or maybe they've seen my work in publications I in the very beginning used social media a lot and granted don't get me wrong I still post on social media I'm still active on social media but that is not my main way of marketing to clients the majority of my marketing is really through positive experiences with current clients making sure that they have a luxury and that way they want to tell their friends and their family the kind of photos that they got and the experience that they had with me that it was fun and luxurious and that they enjoyed every minute of it not only that but they created memories with our horses so that's where the main source of clients come from so what would my advice be if you want to become an equine photographer for one you do not need the best equipment if you have an entry-level camera that's perfect practice with that learn the ins and outs of your camera really get familiar with it and push it to its limits once you are taking pictures that are beyond the ability of your camera then upgrade so don't worry about meeting or wanting the best that's out there right now practice with what you have and then secondly if you are seriously considering doing this as a career learn business because it's really easy to throw out a price take pictures and call it a day but you're never going to be sustainable if you do it that way so make sure you learn how to price yourself accordingly consider all of your costs so that you can sustain yourself in business and then continue on and you don't have burnout 

my name is Ashley I live in Astoria Oregon and I am the owner and operator of Ennis equine I would describe my job as teaching safe maybe even better horsemanship I offer lessons and boarding for those in my area who are interested in learning pretty much basic horsemanship the how to's the ins and outs of owning a horse how to safely care for a horse safety always writing basic knowledge on feeding graining veterinary farriers and this is a part-time job for me at this time I do actually work two other jobs outside of and doing my barn business one of my main part-time jobs is I am an occupational therapist at the local grade school here in my area so I do work that Monday through Friday from 7:30 until 2:30 at 2:30 when I come home I switch out my shoes to my barn boots and I come out here and usually have a students waiting for a lesson on Saturdays I work at the local feed store from 10:00 until 6:00 quite busy outside of my barn job I did not go to college for any of my equine activities I got started would actually be through 4-h even though I've been involved with horses my whole life I actually started a 4-h group with my mom back in 2017 and the small community that I grew up in and we had a handful of kids that we started the group with and it was really rewarding I would teach the ground classes so I would teach the showmanship classes and my mom would teach the writing portion watching the kids grow and evolve over the course of those few months was really rewarding and really kind of sparked something in me that I would want to pursue financially comfortable with my jobs even though I can do lessons and do that I am subject to weather where I live I don't have anything covered to offer lessons year-round yet I am working on a plan to get that going but unfortunately I don't have anything covered to write in so I do have a 60 foot round pen and outside that I do offer lessons in but during the rainy months I cannot get writing lessons so I am very budget is that way so I took on an extra job on the weekends working at our local feed store to help and supplement the cost for that typically we're two mouths where I'm at right now works best I do have a Facebook page so that I do advertise and it does get shared 

my name is Liz Murray and I am from Newton New Hampshire and I am an equine massage practitioner for my job I massage horses so what massage does is it loosens the muscles and it kind of reduces tension in the horse's body that reduction of tension will take the pressure off of joints it will help to give a horse an increase in their range of motion it helps with balance it helps with soundness it helps with recovery from injury it helps preventing injury because if those muscles are nice and loose then they're not going to tear as quickly they're gonna recover faster from a hard workout stuff like that so I work really closely with owners trainers that's chiro farrier sometimes even to help sort of address any shortcomings in the way that a horse's body is moving if a lot of owners just use it for well-being it has a lot of other benefits than just to make a horse perform better and so people will utilize it for that as well I work part time I'm a mom of three I have three boys and I'm also in nursing school I'm not I don't have a ton of time to devote just to my business part of the reason why I'm a nursing school is because when you own your own business obviously it doesn't come with things like retirement benefits or health insurance or stuff like that I didn't go to college for this obviously I'm going to college for nursing but I did go to a program based out of Worcester Mass at the Bancroft school of massage they have a really awesome program for equine massage it took me about a year I definitely enjoy my job I think it's really fun to are never the same the same horse is never the same I love talking to horse people I love horse people I love being a support person I love celebrating my clients successes with their horses especially if it's something that I helped them achieve if their horse was really struggling with something and massage really ramped up their performance and they really achieved something new then that makes a huge difference to me that makes me really happy well yes I am financially comfortable equine massage is definitely something that's in demand I tend to work on 10 to 20 horses a week 20 am I really really busy season usually in the summer time I have a lot of clients that will get the horses worked on weekly during the height of show season participant particularly my like national level horses that are competing at the higher levels and they like to keep their horses and like tip-top performance shape so when they're all getting their horses worked on weekly I'm super super busy but my husband and I own a house we're supporting three kids so and I have two horses so it's definitely not anything to shake a fist at 90% of my marketing is word of mouth the majority of my clients are people they're a trainer will request that I work on their horse and it's grown from there about 10% of my business probably is through social media I don't do any I don't have a website I just do Facebook and I've been really successful from that I haven't needed to branch out beyond that I do occasionally like in the winter when it's really really slow I'll do like deals on Facebook or all advertise it'll be like a time dollar advertisement on Facebook but other than that that's pretty much all the marketing I do make sure you love being around horses make sure you don't ever get sick of horses make sure you love being a support person for people if you're a horse Pro you're definitely not in the spotlight all the time you're a supporting actor for sure and you have to love that you have to really be able to celebrate your clients successes as our own successes and embrace that you definitely need to have your own self motivation it's definitely horse world can definitely be dog-eat-dog and you have to really put yourself out there you have to be able to walk into a barn and say 

I'm Liz I'm here to work on so-and-so it's nice to meet you you and you have to be really professional I think it's important to be drama-free and kind of even-tempered I think that is important too but other than that that's about it if you're ever in New Hampshire and you want to follow an equine massage person for a day hit me up email me if you have any questions I'd be happy answer then thanks bye 

my name is Megan Webber and I am the head groom for archway equestrian sports and Spanish Washington my job is to groom tack up UNTAC horses for the trainers I also feed grain and apply first aid when needed as well as lunge and work the horses on the ground my job is a full-time job I chose this job mainly because I really like working with horses and it's one of my passions archway reached out to me and offered me the job I was I jumped at the opportunity and have enjoyed every moment of it I did not go to college but I'm playing on going in a few years when I'm ready to study at quite massage I knew during high school that I really want to work with horses and when the position was offered to me I jumped at the opportunity the best way to become a groom is mainly to start as working students that helps build your horse management skills and your knowledge and then from there you go find ... Continued the second part  here 

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