Wednesday, May 6, 2020

Horse Racing Tips: How The Pros Use Punting Form

Horse Racing Tips: 

How The Pros Use Punting Form

you're a very loyal Punting Form user. Correct. And probably the most exciting thing for me and for people watching is that you manage Damien Oliver and Brenton Avdulla. That's correct, yep. Can you describe for us how you use Punting Form for that role?
 And which features are the most relevant for you of the entire Punting Form setup?
Well, for me it's more about profiling a particular race and the strength of the race. And then once you delve into the race you actually start profiling certain horses. So, I go heavily based off the benchmark ratings.
The All Benchmarks?
 Or the class?
 I do the All Benchmark. I find for me personally and in identifying certain rides for Damien and Brenton that works more efficiently. And then, depending on what type of race, especially a distance race, I'll look at the last 200m, the increment there and probably start back from the 800m and then go through. Yeah, which is a feature that's unique to Punting Form and its crucial I think, and you're sort of agreeing, to identifying a horse that wants to go up in trip a little bit. Well, you get a lot of horses that I think the market can get wrong every now and then with a horse that's running over 1400, 1600 metres. And then all of a sudden, they step to 2000m and they might give that impression to the eye that they're looking for that distance. But, when you actually break down the race and go through the 200m increments sometimes you can put a bit of a pot on them and think, well they actually need to come back rather than go up. That part of it is crucial. You know, you can find a lot of winners and horses that run well for my jockeys. Has sectionals and Punting Form always been a part of your arsenal in finding Damien the best rides?
 Punting Form sectionals, basically I've been using that for the best part of 6-7 years. So I've been using that for quite a while. Everyone can interpret it. It's how you interpret it. I find the numbers a bit confusing but it's just a number that's relevant to all horses and all days. It breaks it down a bit easier for me to congest myself. Pretty much. And you might see a certain pattern for a particular horse. For me, especially managing Damien Oliver and Brenton Avdulla you can get a lot of midweek races for instance. You might have a horse coming out of maiden class, stepping up to a particular race. It is hard, taking a step from a maiden to a BM64. Where Punting Form with their benchmark and class ratings they can identify that horse that is above average and not only take the next step but potentially, go to black type races. And that's where, if you can identify that early and put yourself at the front of the queue, it works very well. And I imagine the queue is not that long either when you've got Damien Oliver and Brenton Avdulla. It's pretty competitive in Sydney at the moment. But you've got to try and stay a couple of steps ahead of the game.

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