Saturday, May 9, 2020

What to do with your horse when you can't ride

Ways to Connect with Your Horse

as riders we all want to feel that connection to the horse that feeling like the horse is also enjoying the time that we spend with them but sometimes it can be frustrating if we just don't feel that if it especially if you're riding school horses or lesson horses and you miss that kind of personal connection with the horse so I'm Callie this is crk training this is my weekly video show where I share right untipped and training ideas and horse care advice and for today's topic I'd like to keep it really simple and just talk about three kind of easy steps three keys to being more connected to a horse and kind of starting to establish a little bit of relationship really with the horse and this can be with your own horse or even school horse that you ride these are the kind of things that I'm thinking about whenever I'm meeting a new horse whether it's just passing a horse in the field or if it's a horse that I have forgotten for myself or that's come here for training the first thing that I find is important to think about is just to slow down so often we have really busy lives that we don't have a lot of time for riding we get to the barn and we're feeling rushed and hurried and there's just a lot of stuff that we got to get done we got to get the horse out and clean him off get him tacked up get into the ring but if you can just slow down even through those very first steps of going out to get your horse in the field or meeting him at the front of the stall and just take a few extra moments to be quiet wait for him notice those little responses as you first start interacting with him and that leads right into the second thing that I really strive to do when I'm thinking about connecting with a horse and that is simply observing so whenever I'm whenever I'm working around the horse again whether it's really simple tasks just moving them or whether I'm really working on a problem or a training issue teaching them

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 something new I try to remember to always observe they're doing and look for the smallest little changes that might be changes in the tension around their muzzle around their eye it might be bigger things like them suddenly stiffening up or kind of moving off to one side in a training context it can sometimes be those little moments where they think about doing something and then they make a different choice and they do what I was looking for and I want to catch those moments to really reinforce that and tell them that they did the right thing but it's just this idea of slowing down and then taking the time to really observe the horse in all of the little steps that you might have to do bringing the horse in brushing him off getting him tacked up but just spending the extra time there can really make a big difference in forming a better connection because you kind of can pick up on those little things that the horse is kind of telling you and if you're training it's gonna make you more accurate and timing and it's also going to help you notice if the horse is a little uncomfortable whether that's physically or maybe mentally he's a little bit uncomfortable in that situation and you can shift what you're doing and it can really help that kind of trust and comfort level that the horse is going to start to have with you one more key to connecting to a horse is to be comfortable making requests sometimes I think when we think about connection we want to just do things that we think the horse is going to enjoy so for example scratching them or feeding them treats and there's nothing wrong with creating positive associations but I think to get more of a connection we have to be able to make little requests so we make requests the horse responds we make another request the horse responds and in people this is really just communication like this would be kind of starting a conversation and I think about it this way working with the horses too because as we can start to make little requests and develop a little language for being able to ask them for what we want even if it's just really simple things that they already know like walking forward backing you know moving with us on the ground it starts to kind of create this rapport and really it's the first step of creating a relationship with the horse is just getting this interaction improving the interaction and being able to ask them to do things so three simple tips for connecting with your horse I hope you enjoyed these I would love to get your input so leave a comment down below and just tell me what is something that you do when you're thinking about connection

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