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How To Have a Fantastic Careers Equine Industry part 2

- Equine Industry part 2

barns and trainers who have groom positions I really enjoy my job and I look forward to going to work every day however I will eventually go be going back to school and when I go back to school I'm going to pursue my ideal job which is a equine massage therapist 

my name is Jack Turner I'm a favor from you something MS and I've been shoeing horses for six years now every day what I do is go and put shoes horses they have nails kind of similar similar to humans but we have to go and trim their feet and some horses do have shoes others don't and if they do have shoes if you put shoes on them that will keep him up shape them to their feet and they'll mom I do this full-time I work with my father full-time were partners and in business together I went to Community College for a couple semesters and they were just for business classes that I wanted to take and I didn't do anything in ecology fun related at all I got started in this pretty somewhat early on I would just hang out with my dad while he was working at working out some of the different farms in him when I would go there together and I would be playing in the manure piles and whatnot and I just kind of started right out of high school I love my job it's extremely rewarding I mean I get to be with horses all day and meet some great people along the way I'm financially come cool with my job I'll be able to afford a house and leave me my fiancee I live pretty well I wouldn't say pretty well but we're okay I'd say it's more word-of-mouth I had do have an Instagram page but I kind of just post on that just be friends with other failures and if any clients that want to follow me they can see my work on there we get a lot of referrals from different events around the area that we do work with that's really about it um just recently in December of 2019 I passed my certified farrier exam through the American farriers Association and that was something I've been working at for a year year and a half now and I busted my butt to pass it I would say go for it if you love horses I'd really say go for it just be aware that you may need to have like a part-time job on the side while you're getting your business started I would say trying to find a farrier and contact them maybe you can go to your local barn and say hey who's your favorite and wait for them to come around or give them a call and say hey like I'm really interested in being a farrier can I ride with you for a day just so you can see what they do even if you just go and sweep up for me I mean you're still going to learn a lot more than just sitting at home on the Internet I'd say if you want to be a fairy then go for it I mean I love what I do it's extremely fulfilling it's really a great mix of art and science I mean that's really what it comes down to we have to the artist but we also have to know the science of the anatomy of the horses and one night I went to trade it for the world 

my name is Rhonda Brecher and I do bodywork on horses specifically soft tissue therapy and I've been doing it for a couple of years now on friends horses to kind of get a clientele base and to get started and I retire in May and that will be my career I got started in soft tissue therapy with this guy actually he came to me because they claimed he was crippled and no longer useful except for anything as a trail horse and once I got him I realized that he was fine and that they had basically ridden him for too long with a saddle that was too small and his withers were jammed and from staying clenched all the time he was just really sore we think about carrying a heavy backpack that's you know too big or too small for you eventually those muscles are gonna get cramped up and cause a lot of pain so I started with him and I worked with a guy watching his videos he's from Australia on this particular method that I found very useful for horses and I started doing the bodywork on him as they're working on the muscles stretched him out he began to relax and after about six weeks of pretty intense therapy I'll never forget I put the saddle on him for the first time and he flinched like he was expecting it to hurt and then he let a big sigh like oh it doesn't hurt because it fit him and he has been a wonderful tro horse for me ever since he's had to make the transition from the arena but this isn't what makes me want to do what I do I actually started rescue a long time ago one horse at a time and I usually take in something old and skinny and make it fat and see if it's writable right now I have one end at the 21 year old Mustang but he's probably not going to be going anywhere he's what I would call a rescue fail he's staying I did go to college at the University of Louisville and they have a very good equine program there but I wasn't really interested in the business part of equine work I did however show on the equestrian team I was the captain of the equestrian team for a couple of seasons and I came back to lead the Alumni Association for a couple of seasons as well I made a lot of really good friends there and had a really good time getting to know the community as a whole you know in the college years my degree was actually in biology and more science background so I went to work as a water quality specialist at a local water utility and we work to protect the health of the water out of the distribution system so when it comes to your tap you know you have safe water to drink and that job has been great I really like it a lot but I'm so looking forward to my next journey after at the end of May when I can pursue the soft tissue work now I want to do it part-time I want to enjoy it because I have always heard that when you turn something into you that you love into your work then it becomes a job and it's hard to love but I don't see that happening with horses I've been riding since as long as I can remember probably 44 years for someone aspiring to be in the equestrian world for a job it really hopes to find something that you have passion for I've seen farriers that are passionate about their jobs trainers that are passionate about their jobs and that really helped fuel your fire because I think to really be successful you have to have that fire that people really want to see if they're paying you to take care of their children really or their partners ask for financial you could easily make a decent living and equine body work it would take a lot of perseverance to do it though in a lot of driving and a lot of marketing right now most of my marketing is word-of-mouth and social media I do have a Facebook page for my BLM Mustang Aero and it's also for therapy work - is it my dream job yeah I kind of think it is and it took me a long time to work up to the point to be able to safely step into that role if I had to do it over again I probably would do things differently to get into my dream job sooner than later or at least would have given it a good try I think either way you go about it it's all good as long as you're doing what you love and loving what you do hey everyone in Samantha Henry and I am here with wild and free equine wellness here in Las Vegas Nevada we help people connect with the horses that were once wild roaming the ranges now in America the BLM and Mustang so that's kind of our unique niche getting started I basically had my own horse that's definitely the first step I would say for anyone that really wants to take this business seriously although you don't have to have your own horse having my own horse really helped me build the program and really figure out what I would teach people along the way and then being able to adopt more and more horses so that I had horses for different level riders and I was also helping the horses along the way that really helped a lot basically my job right now is bringing the horses in grooming them getting them ready to ride riding them teaching them new things and then new people that come out introducing them to the horses getting them comfortable and giving them lessons and instructions on how to ride and how to take care of the horses how I mainly get clients I would say is through social media I love using Facebook Instagram Twitter LinkedIn a bunch of different groups in my area on Facebook I always on those groups and I'm messaging and saying hey my barn is here my horses are available we'd love to have you come and ride so social media is the biggest way that I get new clients building up the business is definitely tough it's not it is my full-time job but it's not really making me a ton of money although it is my biggest passion so I love it and I've tried a ton of other things and I've made money doing other things but I absolutely love courses and so if I can make horses my full-time job I decided to jump into it so I really just went for it and so it can be your full-time job it can be amazing and honestly I just absolutely love it every single day usually I come I work about 3 to 4 horses we have five horses here total so I'll usually focus on one or two and then the other ones kind of just get grooming and checked and you know looked over make sure they're okay and sometimes let around bathe whatever it is that they need for the day but I don't always ride every single one and I would say one of the biggest challenges that I've had is really teaching new people all about horses when they don't really know the safety the precautions you need to take around horses so really taking that step back and seeing it from a brand new I like you've never been around a horse that's been my biggest challenge on how to describe that to people and how to teach that in a way that's fun and interesting my website is horseback riding club comm you can check it out anytime we now have our lessons on there we have online leases now so you can actually learn how to ride a horse completely online so you can go through the eight-week program and learn others to know about horses and how to take care of them and all the things that go into it so I hope you enjoyed this video and if you have any questions at all let me know I'm here and so are all the horses 

my name is Taylor Hoover I'm from Pine Grove Pennsylvania and I'm the owner and founder of knt creations LLC creations LLC was founded in April 2016 when we had a hard time finding tack for our miniature donkey Holly and our miniature horse plays since April 2016 we have grown exponentially and we now have stores in four countries a whole distribution centre in Australia and we have over 150 brand ambassadors and sponsored riders worldwide aunty creations is a part-time job for me my full-time job is selling real estate I specialize in all different types of properties across the state of Pennsylvania and I also own an upscale women's clothing boutique here in my town I did go to college I have a Bachelor in Science degree in communications media I had a double minor in marketing and homeland security and then I continued on for my master's degree at Penn State University and I have a master's degree in homeland security with the concentration and agricultural biosecurity and food defense while neither of these degrees are directly related to making horse tack they have been very useful biosecurity comes into play anytime we sanitize or clean tack of course and communications and marketing has helped me with my social media aspect as well as public relations and Technic trade shows and public speaking I think the biggest misconception people have is that they can just pick up a bunch of materials and start making attack one day unfortunately there's a lot more that goes into it than that first of all you have to be legally registered with your state including taxes your fictitious name your establishment of your LLC or your sole proprietorship and of course your liability insurance so there's a lot more that goes into play than just you know starting an Instagram account and starting to make things I absolutely love my job I love making the products I love when people send in really cute photos of their horses and I absolutely love going to trade shows and meeting customers new and old as far as being financially stable based solely off with an income of custom tack making it is quite possible however there are times of extreme market highs and extreme market lows with any business any self-employment you always have to prepare for those times of low income for us we have been able to pay all of our feed bills and take care of our animals even pay our mortgage for months about sometimes in times of need however we do rely more on their income real estate and my husband's job rather than tack making well I do absolutely love making tack it does sometimes consume your whole life it doesn't matter what I do I can get on Facebook and start scrolling and I'm part of so many tack groups that's all I seem to see and while I absolutely love it there are some days that it would be nice to get away but your phone is always on you're always responding to customers because in today's here in now society that's what you have to do to compete with the big guys our main source of advertising is of course social media we have a big Instagram following as well as Facebook and occasionally we post YouTube videos and recently we've delved into the world of tick tock locally or dove mouths is a big thing especially when we attend shows and local trade shows our little tack swaps and then of course we do have repeat customers when we go to bigger trade shows like the Pennsylvania Horse Expo as with any equine competition equine careers are no different they're extremely competitive my advice to individuals who would like to join this industry whether it be a training entertainment tack makers is find someone to learn from there's never too much to learn when it comes to horses or things that come with horses find someone to apprentice with find someone to internship with and ask a lot of questions thanks for reading .

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