Arabian Horse - Origin, Characteristics

Arabian Horse

the Arabian horse also known as the Arab horse is one of the most popular and widely appreciated horse breeds in the world besides their striking physical characteristics and remarkable intelligence they are also one of those ancient horse breeds if you want to know more this analyzed video shares everything you need to know about the Arabian horse the Arabian horse derives from their Arabian Peninsula in the Middle East where it was developed for use by nomadic Bedouin tribes it's estimated they have existed for over 3,000 years such as their importance to their country of origin there is currently a national program established to maintain breed standards the Arabian horse has also been used as a war horse and its prey arose from the travels of armies and merchants alike with the passage of time they were bred and developed into other horse breeds with the Andalusian horse being a fine example they eventually arrived in the new world with Spanish conquistadors even historic figures such as George Washington owned them his famously known as Ranger the purebred Arabian horse has unique physical characteristics if we analyze their skeletal Anatomy we see that instead of the usual six lumbar vertebrae and 18 ribs of other horse breeds they only have five lumbar vertebrae and 17 ribs this gives them their characteristic high lifted tail Arabians are shorter than the majority of horse breeds measuring about 152 centimeters in height they weigh between 300 and 400 kilos reached sexual maturity at around 4 years and have a life expectancy of about 35 their coat is short


 and glossy with accepted colors being Bay chestnut gray black and Rome the Arabian presents a character which is docile responsive and particularly communicative similarly the Arabian is considered one of the most intelligent horse breeds in the world they are able to learn and develop new skills with relative ease despite being due style the Arabian horse is classified as hot-blooded similar to English or Irish thoroughbreds as they can be stubborn and intolerant of trainers you do not know how to handle them feeding Arabian horses should be based on quality offering hay oats barley bran wheat and corn in addition to grass grazing we can also complete their diet with some specific horse feed and provide a moderate amount of vegetables for treats plenty of fresh clean water is essential a Salt Lick is also necessary another important aspect of their current is their coat main until they will need regularly brushed and bathed we also need to offer good general hygiene care specifically needing to trim their hooves every six weeks or so they will need plenty of physical activity to avoid potential health problems in general Arabian horses are strong and resilient animals however as with all horse breeds they can have a predisposition towards certain health issues to prevent them we need to offer proper nutrition adequate hygiene and preventive medicine in the form of deworming and vaccinations some of the most common Arabian horse diseases include severe combined immunodeficiency disorder cerebral urabá trophy lavender fall syndrome occipital Atlanta axial malformation and this is our video for today what do you think of the Arabian horse do you have your own experiences you'd like to share give us a like if you enjoyed

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