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because horses are so cool you're gonna learn some amazing facts about horses and it's just gonna be awesome horses are large domesticated mammals that are incredibly strong and smart do you know what the word domesticated means it's a good question what is the word domesticated mean domesticated means to be kept as a pet or on a farm now that doesn't mean that all horses are domesticated but in general horses are domesticated mammals wild horses in general have been domesticated there are some horses that live in the wild horses that live in the wild are called feral horses so where do horses live that's a great question where can you find horses it's incredible horses live all over the world all over the world you can find horses except places like you know Antarctica you know that's where the Penguins live Oh little penguins cute and small you are not very big at all at least compared to horses alright ladies look guys so horses pretty much live all over the world and this is incredible there are about sixty million horses in the world okay about sixty million horses in the world Hey just as a fun thing some time today ask somebody say how many of courses do you think there are in the world and they're gonna be like I don't know nobody knows that you'll say hey about sixty million horses 60 million take that fact with you put it in your pocket you're gonna love it now you have to check this out is so fascinating baby horses are called folds and that interesting baby horses are called foals foals are fascinating did you know they can stand shortly after birth and can even run just two hours after birth two hours after they're born they can literally run now it's a very wobbly run it can run surely after being born absolutely incredible a young female horse is a filly yeah that's a neat name a young female horse is a filly a young male horse is a Colt yeah they're called Colts after its first year a horse is called a yearling you know that makes sense after a horse has been around for a year you call the horse a yearly once a horse is two years old that horse no longer is considered a yearling after a horse passes that two-year mark that horse is still considered either a cult or a filly and then once a filly is older than four she is called a mare and once a colt is older than four he is called a stallion let's summarize this with a simple chart whoo the color gray how fancy so a young male horse a Colt grows up to be a stallion a grown-up male horse a filly a young female horse grows up to be a mare a grown-up female horse with all of this growing horses must eat a lot of food food must be really important to them and food is food is but they might not eat the things that you might think they horses are herbivores the word herbivore means an animal that eats plants horses are herbivores horses eat plants though they can be trained to eat meat if they're in a circumstance where they have to eat meat for survival they will or if they're given me over a regular period of time they could be like oh this is food too but they are herbivores they are animals that naturally eat plants they love plants they could be so healthy and so strong without ever having to eat me next we want to talk about horse eyes yeah that's a big eyeball of all horse their eyes are absolutely amazing of course your eyes have to be uncovered for you to see somebody get a somebody get a comb pick our skin the highs are covered highs are covered this is like the worst picture for us to show what we're talking about the eyes we can't even see the eyes of this horse a horse's eyes are amazing they can see in just about every single direction except directly behind them and interestingly enough directly in front of them which if that doesn't sound impressive it definitely should because they can literally see every single direction other than those I mean they can see just about everything their eyes are amazing but seriously kids do not stand directly behind a horse as totally serious because the horse can't see there and if the horse hears a sound that you make that horse could actually kick you and hurt you and the horse doesn't want to hurt you so please do not stand directly behind a horse ever okay because horses are so strong you could see all the muscles on this horse this horse is so strong that's why horses have been used for thousands and thousands of years to pull heavy things including carriages with people and in all kinds of heavy things horses are so strong and powerful this horse is just literally taking a nap lying down and just sleeping because horses can fall asleep lying down or standing up in fact I bet this horse is napping I bet I bet this horse is napping you're napping through our hey did you know ponies are smaller types of horses you may have been watching this about when are they gonna bring up the ponies right I love the ponies even though a pony's body is a little different as far as size goes a pony is very very similar to any other horse being incredibly strong and incredibly smart which brings us to our final facts horses are incredibly smart they're incredibly smart horses are able to communicate with each other through sounds and facial expressions and horses have amazing problem-solving skills that can get them out of all kinds of jams and sometimes they can kick them in trouble too what amazing animals horses are thanks


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